Flood Damage Restoration

Water in your space can be an overwhelming experience. In an emergency it is important to stay safe, know what to do, move quickly, and understand what insurance providers need in order to cover your loss. We are here to help. 

Flooding is one of most common causes of property damage. It can happen unexpectedly and often catches property owners off guard. In case of a flood, your first priority should be your safety and that of your loved ones. Turn to us for quality flood damage restoration services. Our highly trained professionals handle all aspects of cleanup so you can focus on what matters most in these difficult times. We employ vetted, skilled professionals who are certified and trained in flood restoration, water remediation, water mitigation, carpet and basement flooding, and general water damage repair. Customers receive a comprehensive consultation wherein our team carefully inspects and assesses damage to a property. We create a detailed restoration plan so you can make informed decisions about your home or business.

Why Call A Professional

You need to know you’ve got someone who knows what they are doing on your side. A water restoration professional brings the expertise and peace of mind you need. With training and experience as well as professional extraction and drying equipment at their disposal, a professional can stop damage fast and begin the process of restoring what has been lost.  

When it comes to our clients, nothing is more important than Restoring What Matters Most—their home or business. At Palouse Carpet Cleaning, our passion for what we do shines through in the quality of our work. Whether you’re dealing with flood damage or simply want to ensure your home is prepared for any potential water-related disasters, our team is here to help. After all, flooding can be both dangerous and stressful; but with us by your side, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that everything is under control. 

When You Call Us You Get:

We are members of your community. That means, we hope to see you as we serve you and also at the park, the grocery store, out to eat and at community events. In an emergency, it’s important to be able to trust the people you work with. We are here in the Palouse, working to earn that trust every day. 

We Are Here To Help

Emergencies require professionals trained in the skills necessary to act quickly and effectively. Our technicians are certified and trained in flood restoration. We’re one phone call away with expert service when you need it.

We offer 24 hour service