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Rug Spa Professional Rug Cleaning

Rugs are a practical, stylish, yet underappreciated part of many homes. They can often catch a wide variety of contact from pet hair, food, dirt, and even just dust over a long period of time.

While they do sometimes blend in with the rest of the house, they are special decorative pieces that occasionally require good cleaning.

That’s why we offer the Rug Spa Cleaning and Delivery Service.

A Stylized Dan Fitzgerald, owner of Palouse Carpet Cleaning


Our basic Off-Site cleaning starts at $45

Our thorough Rug Baths start at $90

We also do stain removal and add a high-quality stain protector for an additional cost.

The Process Is Simple:

  • -We pick up your rug and carefully deliver it to our cleaning facility.
  • -Your rug is thoroughly and carefully cleaned.
  • -We deliver your rug right back to your door.
  • -Stain removal and adding a high-quality stain protector is also available for an additional cost.

Our premiere services will bring your home a new sense of freshness.

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